But it's not happening?
Helping you get pregnant naturally


  Get Pregnant Naturally

Helping you get your body baby-ready 

So, you have been trying to get pregnant ?But it's not happening?

Falling pregnant can seem like the simplest thing. You have sex and conception takes care of itself, right? But sometimes baby-making isn’t that simple. And as the months go past, you wonder if it will ever happen.

Perhaps you've been through IVF, IUI, taken Clomid, or have been trying to get pregnant naturally and feel you are not in control of your fertility.

I understand the frustration and heartbreak of getting your period each month, wondering why you’re not conceiving and what else you can do.

Whether you’re starting the journey to conception or have been trying for what feels like forever, I’d be thrilled to help your dreams of having a baby come true.

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Does this sound like you?
  • My life is on hold because all I can think about is falling pregnant

  • Sex has become more like housework than fun 

  • My biological clock is ticking and I’m worried time is running out

  • All my friends are having babies –  is there something wrong with me?

  • The emotional and financial strain is taking a toll on our relationship

  • I know there’s a fertility problem, but what can I do about it?

  • There’s so much information out there – who can I trust?

  • I feel physically exhausted and emotionally wrecked

  • Maybe it’s my fault that I waited too long

  • There must be a better way!

You are not alone, I am here to help!

I can help you cut through the confusion and distress with a natural approach to boosting fertility and increasing your chances of conception. Whether you've been trying for five months or five years, I'd love to  support your on your journey to parenthood.

Hi, I'm Leah 

I'm a Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education and fertility-focused, registered Homoeopath based on the Central Coast in NSW.  


I help women and couples struggling to get pregnant naturally. My Natural Fertility Program is designed to help anyone trying to get pregnant now or planning a family in the near future.

It offers personalised, professional support to boost your chances of conception.​

My personal experience of challenging pregnancies means I understand the mental, emotional and physical difficulties of trying to conceive and hold onto a pregnancy.

I’m passionate about providing exceptional standards of care within a supportive, nurturing relationship.


Nothing thrills me more than hearing the words, “Guess what, Leah? We’re pregnant!”

If you’re committed to falling pregnant and looking for qualified, experienced and caring support, I’d be thrilled to help you reach that goal.

The Natural Fertility Program

  • This thorough and personalised pre-conception program optimises your chances of falling pregnant.

     The combination of fertility awareness and lifestyle education with homeopathic remedies boosts your body’s baby-readiness.

  • Increase your chance of getting pregnant by knowing exactly when to have sex!

    The Fertility Awareness Program teaches you to identify when you’re most fertile by understanding your menstrual cycle and mucus changes.

  • Enhance your chances of IVF success with my IVF Support Program.

    For best results, get started two to four cycles before beginning IVF, and continue the holistic program throughout your IVF treatment.

Keen to learn more before taking the next step?
  • Experienced

    Since 2009, I’ve been working in family healthcare, mainly with women and children. Since 2014, I’ve worked almost exclusively in natural fertility and absolutely love helping people make babies.

  • Caring

    Having been through difficult pregnancies, I understand the fear and anguish associated with fertility issues.

    I’ll listen to you and support you with a  caring, nurturing approach

  • Professional

    I’m registered with the Australian Register of Homeopaths and a member of the Australian Homeopathic Association. I comply with their strict ethical codes and professional development requirements. This ensures my clients receive the highest standards of professional care and service.

  • Knowledgeable

    Have confidence from working with someone who knows how to help you.

     I have a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and an Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy.

Why work with me?

Leah is a wonderful, kind and understanding person. She eased my stress about falling pregnant after 10 months of trying. After 3 months of seeing Leah I am now pregnant, despite my 5% chance of being able to fall pregnant (I am 42 years old), and my numerous miscarriages and stillborn baby. I now also have a better understanding of my menstrual cycle and window of fertility period each month. Thanks again Leah!!


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