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The Liz Lalor Natural Fertility Program©

Developed by Melbourne homeopath Liz Lalor, her Fertility Program has an 87% success rate within four cycles. Her statistics show that more than 50% of couples fall pregnant in two cycles. Of the remaining couples who don’t conceive naturally, the majority will conceive with IVF.

Liz has worked with over 400 couples in her own practice, resulting in 417 babies born in perfect health (and 56 women did not conceive).

Liz has worked with couples with fertility problems related to long-term oral contraceptive use, polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS), endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages, and other fertility challenges.

 Natural Fertility Program
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The Natural Fertility Program

The Liz Lalor Program© is a natural approach to boosting fertility and enhancing your chances of falling pregnant. It is used in Australia and overseas.

This multifaceted approach uses natural methods that work synergistically to optimise your ability to conceive.

The Liz Lalor Fertility Program© supports natural fertility in women:

  • using a series of homeopathic medicines at different times of the menstrual cycle

  • teaching you to identify when you’re most fertile, so you know when to have sex

  • supporting you to make healthy lifestyle changes that maximise fertility

  • providing recommendations on fertility nutrition, and this approach optimises your ability to conceive

Fertility Awareness Program

In our busy world, many women have lost touch with what’s happening in their bodies each month. Fertility Awareness helps you get back in tune with your body. You’ll learn to identify when you’re most fertile by understanding your menstrual cycle and fertility signs, such as changes in your mucous.

With the tools to find your fertile days, you can time intercourse correctly to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

tools to help you track fertility and get pregnant naturally
The IVF Support Program
IVF baby clothes telling the story of an IVF conception journey

IVF Support Program

Are you considering undergoing IVF, IUI, or have started IVF and want to boost your chances of success?


You can enhance your chances of successful conception with the IVF Support Program. A combination of homeopathic remedies and a fertility-enhancing lifestyle and dietary advice help to optimise your body’s baby-readiness.


The program can be used once you’ve started IVF. However, best results occur when you do the program for at least 2-4 cycles before starting IVF and continue taking the homeopathic remedies while you undergo IVF.​

Fertility Awareness Program


Kind words from my clients

"We met Leah after trying to get pregnant for over two years!!  After being diagnosed with endometriosis I had ablation surgery which resulted in an increase in pain and didn’t seem to help at all. We connected with Leah to explore natural fertility options. Having been to many different doctors it was the first time we didn’t feel completely alone. Leah was great at listening, extremely knowledgeable, passionate, kind and practical. We applied all of Leah’s practical recommendations including; diet changes, vitamins, remedies, cycle tracking and lots of the ‘baby dance’. After a month on the program we both felt like we had more energy to continue with the journey and I experienced a significant reduction in endometriosis pain. When Leah told us the success rate from this method we thought it was too good to be true but after making some suggested changes to our life we have found ourselves pregnant after 2 cycles. We feel nurtured and held by Leah and feel incredibly fortunate to have met her." 
Thank you for everything Leah. 

R & L

I help you with.....
  • cleansing your body from the effects of the birth control pill (which can negatively impact fertility due to its influence on ovulation and production of fertile mucus)

  • assisting with any underlying pathology, such as PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, painful periods and heavy bleeding

  • training you in fertility awareness and fertility charting so you time intercourse correctly

  • balancing your hormones and helping ensure healthy ovulation

  • improving the quality of vaginal mucous and removing thrush/candida (it sounds a bit icky, but mucous is crucial for optimum fertility and conceiving!)

  • providing supportive care during IVF

  • providing a personalised, holistic approach to your fertility needs

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 Let's take the JOURNEY TO Parenthood together!!