Free Cycle Charting

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Free 20 min Fertility Assessment

Free Cycle Charting Session For existing Clients only The Cycle Charting Sessions are part of 'The Natural Fertility Program' & as a stand alone part of 'The Natural Fertility Awareness Program'. Fertility Awareness helps you get back in tune with your body. You’ll learn to identify when you’re most fertile by understanding your menstrual cycle and fertility signs, such as changes in your mucous. With the tools to find your fertile days, you can time intercourse correctly to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Looking forward to working with you. Leah

Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy Your time is precious and your appointment is set aside to focus completely on YOU! Being mindful that other people's time (including mine!) is valuable too, here's our appointment cancellation policy: We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Your earliest advice assists the smooth running of the clinic and means that another person may book your allocated time. This includes the Free Fertility Assessment apt. as well as the Free Cycle Charting Session. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Please note that the full consultation fee will be charged for appointments missed without notice. A $60 cancellation fee will apply for appointments cancelled on the day.

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