What causes low Progesterone Levels? Part 5

A year ago, I had a client come in to my office. She was looking to get pregnant after having met her goals … this got me thinking. You’ve made it in business. You’re educated, you know exactly where you want to be in your career, step by step. But have you thought about your baby plan? Did you know that if you start working on your plan now, it will make it much easier to conceive and improve your chances of conceiving when you are ready to fall pregnant. We know that it takes four months for healthy eggs and sperm to develop......... 

In my practice, I work closely with many corporate women, who have built careers through drive, planning and strategic vision. However, they don’t take the same approach to building a family. I’m here to tell you that the same approach to career building can work for having a baby. And just like in the business world, it helps to have a ‘coach’.

I’ll give you the skills and the wellness program to get your body bangin’ baby ready!

So let's get started! Get in touch with me via leah@naturalfertilityaustralia.com.au or ring me on 040-770-5820 for more info.