Is coffee a problem when you are trying to conceive?

It can be a problem for a lot of people, and it’s not always the coffee itself. The main problem with coffee is the milk and the sugar. I think we all know by now that sugar is not good for us, but what about milk? Milk we are told is good for us. We need it for calcium , so no problem there. Unfortunately this is not the case. Cows are milked throughout a big part of their pregnancy and it’s the same as with humans, hormone levels rise. Did you know that milk from a pregnant cow can contain up to 33 times more estrogen than milk from a non-pregnant cow? Most people don’t need this extra estrogen. We already live in an estrogen dominant world. Men certainly don’t need it. I was talking to a male fertility patient today, and he has 3 coffees per day and 1 cup of tea. We did the sums and it adds up to 3.5 litres of milk per week, and therefore lots of estrogen!  Calcium? Well that’s a topic in itself. Stay tuned for my next blog on calcium.

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