The Fertility Program Sessions

The fertility sessions form the heart of each program. Every program is personalised to your needs and focuses on optimising your chances of conception using fertility awareness, diet, lifestyle and homeopathic remedies.

Boosting natural fertility is all about ensuring your eggs, sperm and reproductive system are as healthy as possible. What you do now impacts the health of your sperm and eggs in four months’ time. To ensure you have the best chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby, all my programs require a minimum commitment of four months.

Once you’ve booked your program, you’ll receive a welcome package with further information and a questionnaire to fill out.


During COVID19 all appointments are from the comfort of your home via Zoom or Skype.

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Initial Session

Your 90-minute first consult involves getting to know each other and starting you on the right track for getting pregnant as quickly as possible. 

During your initial session, I will:

  • Discuss your goals and expectations from the program

  • Review your health history to understand any issues that may be affecting your fertility

  • Ask about your reproductive health, including your menstrual cycle and any history of reproductive health concerns (such as PCOS or endometriosis, any miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, blocked tubes)

  • Ask about your conception efforts to date, including any investigations you’ve had or treatments you’ve tried (such as IVF, IUI or Clomid)

  • Teach you about fertility awareness so you will be able to identify your fertile days with confidence and know the best timing for intercourse

  • Review lifestyle factors that may be impacting your fertility, such as diet, smoking, sleep, alcohol, exercise and stress levels

  • Create a personalised plan for optimising your chances of falling pregnant, including easy to follow steps for making fertility-enhancing lifestyle changes

  • Provide homeopathic remedies to use at different stages throughout your cycle

Ideally, you’ll meet me as a couple so we can work together on your baby-making efforts. If your partner has fertility issues, I’ll need to see him separately and address his side of the fertility equation with the right remedies and lifestyle advice.

Follow- Up Session

After your first visit, I’ll continue to support you with getting baby ready. Follow-up consultations are essential to your overall success, because they help us fine-tune your program to ensure you get the best results. They are 4 follow-up sessions usually scheduled  monthly, but we can meet fortnightly if you’d like additional support.

During follow-up consultations, I will review your menstrual cycle and:

  • how you're going with tracking ovulation and fertile days

  • your progress with learning how to interpret your cycle chart

  • discuss the lifestyle changes you’re making and support you with any issues (physical and emotional)

  • review your homeopathic remedies and make any necessary changes

  • answer any questions you have about your fertility or the program

  • celebrate your successes and champion your progress 

  • be a listening ear if you simply need to talk

You will also...

Feel lighter, hopeful, excited, knowledgeable, informed, aware and most of all...not alone. I will be by your side, step-by-step throughout your journey and help you understand how to get pregnant quicker and achieve your goal. My program is not only about getting your body ready to conceive but also to nature, sustain, feed and hold the baby during your pregnancy.

Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.
I'd like to offer you an Introductory Call to discuss your fertility concerns

We will identify the top 5 things that may be holding you back from falling pregnant and the number 1 thing you can do to boost your chances of conception

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Leah Zinn

Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education and Registered Homoeopath

Helping you take back control of your fertility

Natural Fertility Australia’s programs boost your chances of conceiving naturally through:

Fertility awareness – so you know when to have sex

Lifestyle changes – to get your body in peak condition for making a baby

Homeopathic remedies – using the Liz Lalor Program that optimises your ability to conceive

IVF Support – to increase your chances of IVF success

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