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Know when you’re most fertile!

     Enhance your chances of conceiving naturally!

Fertility Awareness

Optimise your chances of conception by knowing when you're fertile and infertile times are during your cycle 

The Fertility Awareness Program teaches you to understand your unique fertility pattern. You’ll learn to accurately identify YOUR most fertile days each cycle, so you know exactly when to have intercourse for the best chances of conception.


The Fertility Awareness Program is ideal if you...


  • are thinking about – or in the early stages of – trying for a baby

  • want to understand your menstrual cycle and how to identify ovulation and your fertile window

  • want to ensure you time intercourse correctly, without taking the fun out of it!

  • are concerned you may have a fertility problem

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Get in tune with your body through

Natural Fertility Awareness


In our busy world, many women have lost touch with what’s happening in their bodies each month. Fertility Awareness helps you get back in tune with your body. You’ll learn to identify when you’re most fertile by understanding your menstrual cycle and fertility signs, such as changes in your mucous.

With the tools to find your fertile days, you can time intercourse correctly to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

We’ll also create a personalised roadmap to boost your chances of conceiving quickly, covering:


  • fertility-enhancing diet and lifestyle choices that help ensure your body is baby-ready

  • how to get adequate healthy sleep and exercise to boost your baby fitness

  • what to do about stress, smoking and alcohol intake.

These measures will help optimise your overall health and reduce the time it takes to get pregnant.

Along the way, you’ll have the one on one support and guidance of a trained teacher in Natural Fertility Education and registered fertility-focused homeopath.

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Read Your Body 

Understand your menstrual cycles with Read Your Body

Track your period, ovulation and unlimited lifestyle factors for personalised insights.

Your charts, your choice

Highly customisable with no auto-interpretations, it’s just like having a paper chart on your phone!

Suitable for a wide range of modern fertility awareness-based methods. Secular / NFP intimacy options.

Identify Fertility Concerns Early

It starts with healthy egg & sperm

Fertility Awareness also helps you notice changes in your sexual and reproductive health and identify anything that may be impacting your fertility – such as stress, vaginal infections, spotting, illness or breastfeeding. Being able to identify concerns means you can quickly start doing something about them.

Fertility Awareness is scientifically based and, when properly applied through understanding a combination of fertility signs, is a highly effective method for falling pregnant (or avoiding pregnancy).

All about ovulation
Ovulation your 5th Vital Sign

You may have read that ovulation occurs 14 days before your period. However, this is not necessarily true – unless your body works according to textbooks! Every woman’s fertility cycle is unique. Even if you have a regular 28-day cycle, you may ovulate before or after day 14. Your cycle may be shorter or longer than 28 days or irregular. Plus, it can vary in length or delay ovulation if you are unwell or going through a stressful time.


Fortunately, there’s a reliable way to identify your fertile window

Knowing your fertile days is vital for timing intercourse correctly to increase your chances of getting pregnant.  Remember, the egg only lasts up to 26 hours after ovulation but sperm can survive up to 5 days. So if you have intercourse on the day of ovulation, or in the preceding five days, you boost your chances of conception.

Boost your and your partner’s baby fitness – naturally!

The Fertility Awareness Program is the ideal opportunity to optimise your health before you start trying for a baby. Getting fit for baby not only increases your chances of conception, but also ensures you and your partner have the energy for welcoming a healthy newborn into your life!

I’ll help you by assessing your current health and supporting you to make positive changes. We’ll explore any lifestyle factors that may be impacting your ability to conceive – including alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs, weight, diet and exercise – all of which can affect the quality of eggs and sperm.


Kind words from my clients

"We met Leah after trying to get pregnant for over two years!!  After being diagnosed with endometriosis I had ablation surgery which resulted in an increase in pain and didn’t seem to help at all. We connected with Leah to explore natural fertility options. Having been to many different doctors it was the first time we didn’t feel completely alone. Leah was great at listening, extremely knowledgeable, passionate, kind and practical. We applied all of Leah’s practical recommendations including; diet changes, vitamins, remedies, cycle tracking and lots of the ‘baby dance’. After a month on the program we both felt like we had more energy to continue with the journey and I experienced a significant reduction in endometriosis pain. When Leah told us the success rate from this method we thought it was too good to be true but after making some suggested changes to our life we have found ourselves pregnant after 2 cycles. We feel nurtured and held by Leah and feel incredibly fortunate to have met her." 
Thank you for everything Leah. 

R & L

How the Fertility Awareness Program works

We’ll work together to get you and your partner in peak condition for conception. Research shows that what you’re doing now – like what you’re eating and drinking, how much sleep and exercise you’re getting, and how much stress you’re under – affects your eggs and sperm quality in four months’ time. To maximise your chances of falling pregnant, it’s crucial to commit to the program for four, preferably six, months.

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