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Hello! I'm Leah,

A Little About Me

I run my clinic from the Central Coast, Woy Woy. I  hold a Bachelor of Health Science Complementary Medicine ( Charles Sturt University), and I am professionally trained and a qualified Registered Homeopath with the Australian Register of Homoeopaths (AROH) and a Professional Member of the Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA). As a member of the above Professional Associations, 

I served as National President of the Australian Homoeopathic Association Inc. (AHA) from 2014 – 2015 and National Treasurer from January 2015 – October 2015.

I graduated from Nature Care College with an Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy and a Bachelor of Health Science (Compl Medicine) from Charles Sturt University.
In 2008, I was privileged to receive the Award for Excellence in Homeopathic Case Management, by the Australian Homoeopathic Association.

baby feet - that precious moment when you finally meet the baby you've longed for
balanced rocks representing a healthy balanced approach to conception


My Philosophy

I believe in...

I believe women and couples should be given every chance to fall pregnant naturally. It's vital that you are fully informed of your natural conception options before deciding to use measures such as IVF.


I'm passionate about helping women understand their cycles and mucous changes so they know when they're most fertile. Research has shown that being able to recognise your fertile window can save you a trip to the fertility clinic. 

I understand that difficulties conceiving can leave you feeling out of sync with your body and your fertility. My comprehensive Natural Fertility Programs are designed to inform and empower you to take back control of your fertility and get you on track to falling pregnant faster. 

My programs are not a 'magic bullet' or 'a quick fix' for getting pregnant – because there is no such thing! You and your partner will be supported with expert knowledge so your sperm, eggs and reproductive system are in peak condition for conception, helping you to get pregnant naturally. If you do choose IVF, my IVF Support Program can boost your chances of successful implantation.

And the benefits don’t stop at conception. My programs are designed to ensure you stay in good health, hold onto your pregnancy and have the energy you need for life with a newborn!

Work With Me

How I help...

 Let's take the JOURNEY TO Parenthood Together!!


This thorough and personalised natural fertility program optimises your chances of falling pregnant. The combination of fertility awareness and lifestyle education paired with homeopathic medicines boosts your body’s baby-readiness.



Increase your chance of getting pregnant by knowing exactly when to have sex! The Fertility Awareness Program teaches you to identify when you’re most fertile by understanding your menstrual cycle and mucus changes.



Enhance your chances of IVF success with my IVF Support Program. For best results, get started two to four cycles before beginning IVF, and continue the holistic program throughout your IVF treatment.


Kind words from my clients

"We met Leah after trying to get pregnant for over two years!!  After being diagnosed with endometriosis I had ablation surgery which resulted in an increase in pain and didn’t seem to help at all. We connected with Leah to explore natural fertility options. Having been to many different doctors it was the first time we didn’t feel completely alone. Leah was great at listening, extremely knowledgeable, passionate, kind and practical. We applied all of Leah’s practical recommendations including; diet changes, vitamins, remedies, cycle tracking and lots of the ‘baby dance’. After a month on the program we both felt like we had more energy to continue with the journey and I experienced a significant reduction in endometriosis pain. When Leah told us the success rate from this method we thought it was too good to be true but after making some suggested changes to our life we have found ourselves pregnant after 2 cycles. We feel nurtured and held by Leah and feel incredibly fortunate to have met her." 
Thank you for everything Leah. 

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 Let's take the JOURNEY TO Parenthood together!!