The Natural Fertility Program (NFA)


This program is for couples who are serious to conceive and are ready to get started now. It is a one on one program to give you all the support and guidance required to achieve your goal.

My commitment to you
I am 100% committed to help you get pregnant naturally. I will guide you and support you, and take the stress and pressure of you and help you to achieve your goal. If you would like to give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant, then this Natural Fertility Program (NFA) may be the answer for you. The Program will prepare you to conceive naturally.

This  Program will help with the following fertility problems:

  • Unexplained infertility
  • Irregular periods
  • Heavy periods
  • Lack of ovulation
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Male fertility problems – please CLICK HERE for Male Fertility Program

What will you get during the program?

I will guide you and support you, and take the stress out of your life. My aim is to take the pressure of you and let me help you to achieve your goal.


I will balance your hormones naturally through natural medicines, such as homeopathic medicines and supplements if needed. There are low risk, quite the contrary, some women’s PMS disappears for the first time in their life. This will regulate your cycle and will help you to ovulate regularly. There are no synthetic or natural hormones involved. This will treat the underlying cause of your hormonal imbalance.

Individual treatment

We are all different, with different needs and different problems. One treatment doesn’t work for everyone. I will tailor the treatment to your individual needs. You will receive natural medicines based on your individual fertility issues.

Diet & Lifestyle Guidance

The Program includes one 1 1/2 hour of Diet & Lifestyle consultation to guide you as to what to eat and what not to eat. If you need to lose weight, I will support you emotionally as well as through food ideas, recipes. We will work around your lifestyle and busy schedule to help you find solutions, no matter what your situation is.


I will give you all the support you need. You are not alone and not just a number. I care about my clients and my goal is the same as yours. I will do everything in my power to improve your health and give you the best possible chance of getting pregnant naturally. Support is provided via email and phone. This support doesn’t stop once you conceive. I will support you through the most critical stage of your pregnancy up until you are 12 weeks pregnant.

Who is this program for?

  • Women who have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more
  • Women who have unsuccessfully undergone IVF, IUI or any other fertility treatment
  • Women who suffer from endometriosis, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome),fibroids or other conditions
  • Women who are affected by unexplained infertility
  • Women who have health problems that affect their fertility
  • Women who have gone from doctor to doctor to find a solution and are still searching for answers
  • Women who prefer a natural approach to fertility
  • Women who cannot cope with conventional medicines or synthetic hormones
  • Women who want to be supported and guided
  • Women who want to take control over their health and fertility

Who is it not for?

  • Couples who are looking for a quick fix.

  • If you are not prepared to make some dietary/lifestyle changes


  • If If the program has not achieved a pregnancy within 5-6 cycles (or 8-9 cycles if you only have one fallopian tube) then it is highly unlikely that it will work and you may want to consider IVF if time is an issue.  The program can be extended for a longer period if needed.
  • The program is not suitable for women with no viable egg production or women over the age of 42


 IVF Supportive Care

  • If you are undergoing IVF the Natural Fertility Program can also be used. It is recommended that you use the program on its own for at least 2-4 cycles before starting IVF and continuing with the program while undergoing IVF.

How does the Natural Fertility Program work?

We set up regular appointments

We connect at least once per month. Appointments can either be via Skype or face to face if you leave in Sydney. I work from Edgecliff and Pymble.  Skype is convenient so it doesn’t matter where you live. My clients find this an easy and convenient way without even having to leave the house, yet it offers a personal and confidential relationship.
At the beginning of the program we may set up appointments fortnightly for extra support especially if you feel you need extra support around food. This is entirely up to you. At these appointments we assess how the treatment is going, how you are feeling, what you need help with and so on. And of course we celebrate your achievements and changes that have been happening for you. From here, we make adjustments, changes if required and develop a plan for the next month or fortnight. After each appointment, I will post all your supplies express to you if you live interstate with easy to follow instructions.

In between appointments

I am here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, email or phone us and  I will answer your questions or set up another appointment to discuss your concerns.

How long will this program go for?

It may take up to 6 months for you to be in a position to conceive. It depends on your individual fertility issues. As a general rule most women conceive between 6 – 8 months, but it can vary. Some of my clients conceive within 1 – 2 months, but this is not the norm.

What’s included in the program?
  • All one on one consultations
  • Supplements specific for fertility issues
  • Homeopathic Medicines specific for fertility issues
  • Skype , email & phone Support
  • Express Post
  • Recipe ebook
  • 1 1/2 hour Diet & lifestyle Consultation
What’s not included?
  • Blood/saliva tests. If you are deficient in Vitamin D, B12 or iron, and supplementation is required, these supplements are not included
  • Consultations or remedies and supplements for husband/partner if required
  • Any foods required for the eating plan



There are no surprises. Costs are fixed, so that you can budget your expenses easily

$390 initial instalment when you book your first appointment (can be paid online when you book)

$200 instalment per month, starting 4 weeks after you book your first appointment

  Once you are pregnant you move into the  First Trimester Support Program, which will support you through the

first 12 weeks of pregnancy, which is the most critical stage. When you are 12-weeks pregnant, all instalments will stop

from the following month onward. 


NFA Program – Payment Plans
Cost: $390 initial instalment, Plus 6 monthly instalments of $200 Saving of $490 Cost: One-Time payment of $1,400

    Pay Now! 

 Pay Now! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this program for women only?

This program is designed for women only. Of course, if male fertility is an issue, this can be addressed through natural treatment as well, but this Fertility Program does not apply to men and is not included in the costs. Please click here for Male Fertility Program.

Q: Is this program natural?

Yes, the program is completely natural. There are no artificial hormones involved. This program will stimulate and balance your own hormone production. It involves homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, and an eating plan based on your fertility challenges.

Q: When are the payments due?

The initial instalment is due at the time of booking your first appointment. Monthly instalments start 4 weeks after you book your first appointment.

Q: What if I become pregnant after 3 months? Do I still have to pay monthly instalments?

You will then transfer to the First Trimester Support Program to support you through this critical stage and to maximise your chances of a successful pregnancy. Once you are 12 weeks pregnant, all instalments will stop from the following month onward. (If you have paid for the program upfront then you will receive a proportion back)

Q: What if for some reason I cannot continue the program?

This does not happen very often, but if for some reason you cannot continue with this program, you can cancel this program at any time.

Q: Can I use IVF, acupuncture or other fertility programs at the same time?

Yes, generally you can, but it is best to discuss this first. If you intend to attempt IVF then it is best to prepare your body through this Natural Fertility Program for 4 – 6 months before starting IVF to increase your success.

Q: Do I need to have blood tests done?

Yes. It is best to provide all blood tests and investigations you may have had done. Based on this info we will decide if further investigations are required.